The Purchase Process


Find the Right Agent - CHECK

Nice work, you're doing amazing!

Find the Right Lender

Working with your bank is often a better choice than an online mortgage broker who may never appear in person.  First thing you'll need to do the math, determine what kind of monthly payment you can afford, down payment, estimate of closing costs which your lender can all answer. You'll come away with a mortgage pre-approval for the amount you can qualify for.

Going Shopping - Wahoo!

The most important thing you can do here is to get clear on what exactly you want.  Make a list of must haves and deal breakers, then prioritize your must haves.  Odds are, most of the homes you see will have some things you want and other things you don't, you'll be confronted with many big decisions, stay organized and understand this process will result in highs and lows, I will be there along the way to answer your questions and empower you with information that will give you the confidence to make mindful decisions.